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Ways Parents Can Help with Practice

“How much practice do you recommend for your students?” Is often first question most parents and students ask.

You’re doing this for fun, right? Are we having fun yet?

Students do need regular practice to make progress in developing musical talents.

It’s not up to Mom and Dad to tell students when and how to practice. Students need self motivation and passion to learn to play a musical instrument. Parents can help foster their child’s passion by providing time and space for practice.

Good Working Instrument 🎹

It’s discouraging to play a piano that’s out of tune or an instrument with keys that don’t work properly. Seek the advice of a professional and make sure the music instrument your child is using is in good working condition.

Distractions 🐶

It’s annoying to try to play music in an environment where you're competing with a blaring TV, pesky siblings and whimpering pets. Work with you child to find a space that has limited interruptions and distractions.

Planned Time ⏰

Practice doesn’t happen by accident. Students make progress when a regular daily time is set aside for practice. Schedule one 20-30 minute session or two 15 minute sessions per day and try to stick to a regular schedule as often as reasonably possible.

For students that use a school planner, they should schedule practice time along with all the other subjects.

Work together to make practice time a part of your child’s daily routine.

Goal Sheet 📖

Your teacher should help you set weekly goals for your practice. The most important time to practice is the day of your lesson. Read over weekly goals at the end of your lesson. Before you sleep play the pieces you worked on during lesson. Students have the best retention of new material if they review it while it’s fresh in their mind.

Book mark pages to practice with sticky notes so you can quickly find the pages on your goal sheet and write reminders for yourself.

Relax and Enjoy 😌

Approach music practice from the stand point that this is a fun and relaxing activity to enjoy.

Be a Cheerleader 📣

Take time to listen to your child play and give them praise for doing a good job.

-Words of music teaching wisdom brought to you from Mrs. S’

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