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Young children learn by moving. We highly recommend students begin their music experience at Adams County Arts Council Music Together classes.

Group lessons

Piano lessons are arranged

in groups. Students get instruction from the teacher and stimulating interactions with fellow classmates. 

Individual lessons

Individual piano lessons are offered for students that want undivided attention from the teacher or the convenience of

virtual learning. 


It's never too late to play the piano! Fulfill that promise to yourself to learn to play the songs you love. Piano lessons are offered to all ages.

Payment & Scheduling

To save you time and a lot of hassle, Room 2 Music uses for billing and scheduling.


Fons automatically charges your card or bank account when lesson payments are due. If you prefer to pay by check, Room 2 Music will accept it. If you want the convenience of paying online, it’s easy and transparent.


You can also use your Fons account to change or cancel your lesson time. 

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What about COVID-19?

Families with sickness in their household are asked not to attend in-person lessons until sickness has subsided. Virtual lessons can be arranged for families that cannot attend in-person lessons due to quarantine.

Girl in Piano Class

COVID-19 Policy

Room 2 Music will comply with government guidelines and take extra precautions to prevent the spread of flu and virus. We will observe the same safety precautions and practices as followed by the Gettysburg Area School District and Adams County Arts Council.

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